Android Developer Whole Foods Market Austin, Texas 2015 - Present

Developed and maintained Enterprise-level Android app for Fortune-500 company.

Android Developer Self Employed/Contractor Austin, Texas 2015 - Present

Created, designed, developed, and maintained several Android apps. You can find my stuff at Google Play. The Hyde Park Gym Workout App is by far the most impressive.

Director/Producer Sleep Furiously Studios Austin, Texas 2002 - 2013

Helmed an award-winning production company. Produced dozens of shorts, industrials, music videos and experimentals. Deep experience in all production positions.

Senior Lead Programmer VR-1 Boulder, Colorado 2001

Led team of five programmers creating the primary design tool for MMORPG Lost Continents.

Lead Field Engineer/Customer Support Director Criterion Software Ltd. Austin, Texas 2000

Directed technical aspects of all sales and customer support for North American Region. Diamond support included flying to companies to rescue them from critical problems using RenderWare, Criterion's 3D software engine.

Lead Programmer KO Interactive Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1999 - 2000

Lead programmer and designer for USCF chess game for kids, Chessmates.

Senior Software Engineer The Logic Factory Austin, Texas 1998 - 1999

Responsible for designing, planning, and implementing the A+ quality 3D real-time internet role-playing game Seeker.

Software Engineer Cycorp Inc. Austin, Texas 1997 - 1998

User-Interface Specialist for an artificial intelligence company. Developed Java display tools and maintained Lisp-generated Java Script and HTML output for "Cyc," the world-famous general knowledge machine.

President Tom Bombadil's Software Emporium & House of Curiosities Austin, Texas 1994 - 1997

Founded, organized, and directed a small company (nine employees) producing the award-winning game, Get Lost! Designed and implemented 3D graphics library using undocumented ModeX display system.

Software Engineer Origin Systems Austin, Texas 1992 - 1994

Worked as Lead Programmer (Wing Commander III 3DO, Strike Commander CD, and Strike Commander Tactical Ops 1 and 2), team programmer (Strike Commander), and library programmer. Focused on system compatibility, Artificial Intelligence, security, and sound system programming in C/C++ for DOS and Macintosh computers as well as console based game machines. Creator of NIM, intelligent music system for games.

Technical Knowledge
Android (Java)

HPG Workout App Highly customizable app to chart and graph your workouts. Suitable for both clients and trainers.

Biggs' Movie Calculator Working in post production sometimes requires lots of annoying addition and subtraction of time codes. This app does it for you (and in many different frame rates!). Optimized for phones with physical keyboards.

Biggs' Trippy Tic Tac Toe Fun little program I used to dive into some of the 3D openGL graphics capabilities of Android. All done by hand!

Biggs' Hardware Info Looks deep into your Android device and reveals the hardware information locked inside the CPU.

Biggs' Proximity Detector Reveals if your device has a proximity detector or not. If it does, then displays how far the phone thinks your ear is from the phone. (Used by most devices to activate after you stop talking.)

Android (Java)
Title Position Project Director/Client
Roomies Director Short Ben Taylor
Pepsi Commercial Cinematographer Spec Commercial Lupe Valdez
Waiting Director Short
Toy Soldiers Director Short
White Wedding Videographer Wedding Tara White
Marillion Cinematographer Music Video Lupe Valdez
Kong Cinematographer Short Lupe Valdez
Welcome to Cozemel Joe * Director Short
Believe Director Music Video Beth Garner
Beyond the Valley o/t Dolls Director Concert Video Queen of Spades
Twins Special Director Concert Video Queen of Spades
White Ghost Shivers Halloween Dolly Grip Concert Video Richard Whymark
Trae - In the Hood Best Boy Music Vid Tom Jason
Moochers Asst. Location Mgr. Reality TV (CBS) Jay McGraw
Halletsville Grip Feature Andrew Pozza
The Human Hambone PA/Editor Asst. Feature Documentary Mark Morgan
Quest Cinematographer Feature Trailer Tim Caswell
Starry Night Gaffer Short Root Parks
Jumping Off Bridges Key Grip / Electric Feature Kat Candler
Sensory View Producer Industrial Patricia Tynan
Hills Like White Elephants Director Short
Delirium Cinematographer Short Lupe Valdez
Red Walker's Secret Key Grip Short Nathan Christ
Love Math Grip Short Kent Zambrana
DP Demo Reel Editor Video Resume John Young
Reel Work Cinematographer Short Kate Keller
The Vin Diesel Monologues Actor/Director/Editor Short
Motorola Producer Industrial Inez Menezes
Bill's Wishes Director Short
O Henry Pun-Off Camera Operator Feature Documentary Mark Morgan
The Brown Eye Editor Short Travis Somerville
Bad Jokes Series #2-6 Producer/Director Shorts
Bubble Jungle Producer/Director Music Video Pong
Austin Life Writer/Actor/Camera Web Series Tiana Hux
Pageant Location Manager Feature Travis Kerschen
Jump Blues PA Feature John Akin

* The title is intentionally misspelled.

I learned long ago that a resume is nearly meaningless in the realm of the arts. Listening to my music is far more useful than reading about it. So find a piano and let's jam!