In my most private moments, I am a musician.
Bach-Style Invention

Here's an interesting little study. I found a clever fugue that JS wrote based on a theme by Albinoni. You can listen to Bach's fugue here.

I copied the theme and waited until I forgot what JS did. Then it was my turn. Here's a short little 3-part invention on the same theme by Albinoni. I will say that this theme is rather romantic--quite unbaroque. And those chromaticisms posed some interesting problems.

While I'm mostly pleased with my solution, I stand in awe of JS's fugue.

And here's a very bland version of this invention, played by a computer (blech!). Middle click these links (command-click on Mac) to listen and watch at the same time. vanilla piano

This version uses different instrumets to better hear the three different parts. But it's still a computer playing, sigh. vanilla three instruments.

Please let me know if you make a recording. I'll give you credit and put it up here (or make a link, whichever you like)!

Now that I've gone through the exercise, I have a much deeper and more profound appreciation for the genius of JS Bach. What I did with the theme was nice, which I patted myself on the back as this was a very odd and tricky little theme to work with. But what he did is brilliant! Rather than being stumped, Bach took this anti-baroque melody and used the oddness to fuel the fire, making it sound effortless, invigorating, and always driving to the finish. I'm daunted by Bach's amazing skill.

smb oct 25, 2014
My Own Invention

After writing the invention above (in the style of JS Bach), Autumn was wondering what my actual compositional style was. Here's the result: a small two-part invention that I find rather pleasing.

Once again here's a computer version. Sorry for the boring performance; I promise to make a real recording once I get my piano tuned. (Yeah, don't hold yer breath!)

smb oct 28, 2014 (written sept)