My friends and I have been playing "Frank Herbert's Dune" game since the late seventies. The rules are pretty simple, but everything has an exception, which makes the play rather complicated but endlessly fascinating. And the play balance is surprisingly good--every strategy has a counter like rock-paper-scissors, but much more convoluted. To quote the book: "...feint within a feint within a feint...seemingly without end."

But the game is out of print. We have a copy of the game, but it's getting ragged with a few missing pieces. So I decided I can make my own art and have fun at the same time. Lots of people have done it before me, but I don't like what they did too much (I can't stand the movie nor the tv versions, and much of the art is poorly drawn).

So I'm making this web page so my friends can easily see my progress and make comments. Yes, please email/call/text--I really want to hear feedback. To be honest, my main hurdle is simply making decisions, so feedback is something I really need!


Here are some amazing and brilliant artists who kindly let me use their art. Please buy 'em a beer if you see them!

The main logo comes from this artist! Thank you thank you thank you! It's absolutely perfect, fitting everything I want in the primary game logo. And I've noticed while playing with it, that if I change almost anything, the composition suffers. So congrats on nailing it!

i0nah (Super-Monkey)

Please join him and his comrades at DuneSF. It's a really neat website with lots of good stuff about Herbert's Dune (good time to learn to read French! or you can let your favorite translation program give it a stab). The people there are really nice and very creative.

Even more of his art can be found here.

Deimos-Remus (Nathan J. Anderson)

This guy did the Atreides logo, which is absolutely perfect. It's a futuristic hawk that implies still looks militaristic and has a lot of attention to detail. Good job, and thanks for letting me use your art!

More of his art can be found here.

I have player markers for 6, 5, and 4 player games. Also note that this map has the player markers on the edges instead of the center of the sectors. This provides space for the storm marker.

Other details to point out: The cities that provide better movement and spice mining are marked with an ornithopter. The imperial basin has a special mark since it is desert that is safe until the shield wall is blown. And Carthag & Arrakeen have marks indicating that they are not safe if the shield wall is blown.

The amount of spice that pops up in each territory is listed on the map. Cities that provide income in the advanced rules are marked as well.


Main icon for the game

Faction icons

bene gesserit
Leader card back Traitor card back, taken from hieronymus bosch

Click here for MORE leaders!

Spice Blow
back side

Click here for MORE spice cards!

Treachery Cards

back of treachery card

Click here for MORE treachery cards!

Player Shields


Fremen Rules

Atreides Rules

Emperor Rules

BG Rules

Harkonnen Rules


I purchased these hoping they'd work. They don't. They are just too big and too thick to stack conveniently. Next?

BG co-existence tokens

When a pile of BG armies have this as well, it means they are co-existing. It'll be up to the BG player to make sure they are kept up, because the tokens will be the final say!

Battle Wheels

This is my first attempt at a battle wheel. It only works for the advanced game battles withOUT Fedeykin and Saudarkar. And it's obviously is made of flimsy paper. Furthermore, it doesn't prevent you from dialing more spice than you have armies, sigh. And I miscalculated and only put 20 positions (zero to nineteen). But it works!

Here is my current prototype for the full battle wheel. It works with Sardaukar and Fedeykin. It's a little complicated, but imagine trying to figure out this battle in your head!

Translation: 14 regular armies supported with 6 spice plus 3 starred armies supported with 3 spice. Battle strength is 16, duh!


Here's a first try sketch on the profiles of the two battle wheels. The various layers cut out and glued together are shown in the same color. Yeah, pretty complicated.

Latest profile design for the starred-army battle wheel. Still 4 layers, but simpler in design and construction (I removed unnecessary parts).

Laser cut cardboard battle wheel (no starred armies)! I had a few errors, which I have already corrected. I have changed the top-level pointer so that it completely covers the spice numbers that aren't selected. And I added some stops that limit the wheels' movement to only numbers. Furthermore I added some indentations to make the wheels easier to grip. The next prototype should be delivered in about 8 days.

Still time for major changes (like hints on cards maybe?)!

This is it! The battle wheel (simpler version--no starred armies)!

And the Rest...
Kwisatz Hederach

I got all the colors they had as they were only 35 cents each. Obviously I won't be using the orange marker, but it does look nice. (When purchasing, I wasn't certain that I'd be changing colors).


I'm thinking the deeper the color, the more concentrated the spice. so yellow is 1, orange is 2, and red is 4. This pile holds a little more spice than the game originally came with (I got extras in case of loss).


Player Markers

I got all the colors they had as they were only 35 cents each. Obviously I won't be using the orange marker, but it does look nice. (When purchasing, I wasn't certain that I'd be changing colors).