Advanced Classes - The Workout
A Safe Place To Experiment

You have been acting for years, you know what you're doing, and you feel comfortable performing. You have a well-tested repertoire and can pull items from it easily. Your instincts are generally on-the-money, and your home runs are as frequent as your fails are rare.

Yes, you are an advanced actor. Congratulations on achieving proficiency at a surprisingly difficult art! The Actor's Gym is a great place to practice and maintain your skills.

The Actor's Gym is more than a place to maintain, it's a place to stretch and strengthen rarely-used muscles. With the philosophy of "Likes and Adds Only," you can experiment with new sides of yourself without worry.

Above all, the Actor's Gym is a safe place. Negative comments and behavior (outside of performances of course!) are simply not allowed. We believe that learning happens quickest and most efficiently through positive reinforcement and productive criticisms.

Beginner Classes - Developing Techniques
What are all these people doing?

You want to act--you've even tried a few plays and made some youtube videos. You've heard people talk about acting "techniques," but you're kind of at a loss as to what exactly they are talking about.

This class is perfect for you. We start without assuming anything--even the definition of acting! We use instruction defined by Richard Boleslavsky's book, which teaches straight-forward acting techniques without any mumbo-jumbo.

The techniques you learn in this class will provide the tools to fully engage as an actor and gain a solid understanding of the acting craft.